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Last night I had some dreams, after worked for a whole morning,and now I can’t recall all the dreams clearly. But I remember the man in the dream, he is about fifty years old, wearing dark glasses, maybe golden frame glasses, long hair, his shirt pattern and color is similar with these small shrubs that I saw yesterday on the side of the road. He is handsome, high-spirited, eloquent, teaching the students of our class in art theory, style genre, occasionally tell us about when he was young, free and easy, the breakthrough of middle age, his spirits is just passionate as his life.

Yet the classmates looked like serious, but respect smiles was with something of alienation, each one have each idea, they have begun to plan where to go shopping after class to have a meal, two female classmates sitting together, looked up at the teacher occasionally, occasionally looked down quietly talking about their private affairs.

What else did I dream about? Maybe there’s no need to think back. It’s like another life, after which you have a good feeling, but you don’t have to remember it.